Fig. 3: Late Junction, Tuesday 26 September 2006: Playlist Analysis
Item no. Website info. (taken from Genre Forces tempo Radio Player Clock Duration
1 10.15 Folk Voice, backing voice, Medium slow 0:00:03 0:04:20
  Yorkston: Summer Song (contemporary) guitar, synth(?)    
  James Yorkston Nu-folk?      
  Taken from the album The Year of the Leopard        
  Domino WIGCD 183P          
2 10.25 Pop experimental Guitar, keyboard(?), Medium fast 0:04:23 0:02:41
  The Books: The Right Ain't Shit Indie pop? cello, samples    
  The Books        
  Taken from the album The Lemon of Pink        
  Tomlab 32          
  Presenter Commentary       0:07:04 0:01:02
3 10.28 World: (Brazil) Voice, guitar, clarinet, Medium 0:08:06 0:03:06
  Lindsay: Delegada ('forgery') marimba(?)    
  Arto Lindsay Bossa nova      
  Taken from the album Invoke        
  Righteous Babe Records RBR027          
4 10.31 Classical Piano Medium slow 0:11:12 0:03:38
  Schumann: Abschied, from Waldszenen op.82 (romantic)      
  Sviatoslav Richter, piano        
  Taken from the album Schumann Fantasiestucke etc        
  DG 4357512          
5 10.35 Film music Orchestral Slow 0:14:50 0:04:42
  Morricone: L'arena        
  Ennio Morricone        
  Taken from the album Kill Bill Vol.2        
  WEA B0001          
6 10.40 Country Voice, guitar, harmonca, Medium 0:19:32 0:03:29
  Hank 3: Cecil Brown   Hawaian guitar, violin    
  Hank Williams III        
  Taken from the album Lovesick, Broke and Driftin'        
  Curb Records CURCD 109          
7 10.44 Bluegrass Guitar, banjo, etc. Medium fast 0:23:01 0:01:34
  Pearson: Fork & File        
  The Crooked Jades        
  Taken from the album World's on Fire        
  JADE NOTE CJ206          
8 10.46 Trad. (US) (i) Voices (antiphonal) Medium slow 0:24:35 0:00:46
  Trad arr. Kazor: [i] Uncle Rabbit Bluegrass (ii) Fiddles, banjo, voices Fast 0:25:21 0:02:33
  [ii] Warfield        
  The Crooked Jades        
  Taken from the album The Unfortunate Rake Vol. 2        
  Yellow Mercury CJ 004          
  Presenter Commentary       0:27:54 0:01:06
9 10.50 Trad. (Scotland) Fiddle, harp, piano, Medium - 0:29:00 0:04:57
  Trad arr. Mooney: The Borders Set   bass guitar Fast    
  Shona Mooney, fiddle        
  Taken from the album Heartsease        
  Foot Stompin Records CDFSR1734          
  Presenter Commentary       0:33:57 0:00:47
10 10.55 Electroacoustic Electracoustic Unmeasured 0:34:44 0:06:40
  Roy: Theme Celte (Appartenances 2003)        
  Stephane Roy        
  Taken from the album Migrations        
11 11.01 Prog. rock Voices, guitars, Medium slow 0:41:24 0:04:06
  Can: Sing Swan Song   flexatone, drums    
  Taken from the album Ege Bamyasi        
  SPOON SA8          
  Presenter Commentary       0:45:30 0:00:53
12 11.06 World (Algeria) Oud, percussion, Medium fast 0:46:23 0:06:41
  Alla: Instrumental Gaumeri   tuned drum(?),    
  Alla, oud   later, vocal    
  Taken from the album Alla Vol. 3        
  SUN HOUSE CD03          
13 11.13 World Unacc. vocal Medium 0:53:04 0:06:34
  Trad: Di lwaqt u-nebdu nagh ma yekat u-dfel (Whether it is sunny or it snows) (Morocco - Berber) (solos and unison)    
  Mohamed Rouicha        
  Taken from the album Les Imazighen: Songs from the Middle Atlas        
  Institut du Monde Arabe 321048          
14 11.20 World Vocal, middle-Eastern Medium fast 0:59:38 0:04:31
  Cherifa: Ah-Ya Samra (Morocco) percussion, Western    
  Cherifa   orchestral strings    
  Taken from the album Cherifa: La Grande Dame de la Chanson Kabyle        
  AQBU CD42/2000          
  Presenter Commentary       1:04:09 0:01:14
15* 11.25 Electroacoustic Electronically treated Ambient 1:05:23 0:06:01
  Teague: Coins & Crosses   viols(?), harp,    
  Ryan Teague   synthesised sounds(?)    
  Taken from the album Coins and Crosses   some pulsating rhythms    
  Type Recordings TYPE 015        
16 11.31 Classical Voices (2 tenors), continuo Medium fast 1:11:24 0:06:10
  Monteverdi: Zerifo Tourna [sic] (baroque) continuo    
  Tragicomedia   (lute/theorbo, gamba(?))    
  Taken from the album Monteverdi Madrigali Concertati        
  Teldec 4509 91971 2          
  Presenter Commentary       1:17:34 0:00:36
17 11.37 Trad. (England) (i) Fiddle, cittern, guitar, (i) Medium 1:18:10 0:05:39
  Trad: [i] Nobody's Jig   foot percussion fast    
  [ii] Mr Lane's Maggott   (ii) Recorder, lute, cittern; (ii) Fast    
  Les Witches   later, fiddle    
  Taken from the album Nobody's Jig: The English Dancing Master 1651        
  Alpha 502          
18 11.43 World Voice, flutes, strummed Medium fast 1:23:49 0:02:28
  Dosmanbetova: Kyiylyp Turam (I'm Sad To Say Goodbye) (Kyrgyzstan) instr., bassoon-like instr.    
  Tengir Too        
  Taken from the album Tengir Too: Mountain Music of Kyrgyzstan        
  Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40520          
  Presenter Commentary       1:26:17 0:00:41
19* 11.46 Art/pop Guitars, elec. bass, Fast 1:26:58 0:02:39
  Prekop: Magic Step   electronics / synths,    
  Sam Prekop   perc.    
  Taken from the album Who's Your New Professor        
20 11.48 American folk / Voice, amplified acoustic . Medium fast 1:29:37 0:04:18
  Hurley: What I'd Give Blues / guitar, bass    
  Michael Hurley Country      
  Taken from the album Down in Dublin        
  Blue Navigator BN 030          
21 11.52 Pop avant Guitar, bells (treated?), Slow 1:33:55 0:03:45
  The Books: Read garde electronic sounds, voices    
  The Books        
  Taken from the album Thought For Food        
  Tomlab lc 11168          
  Presenter Commentary       1:37:40 0:01:07
22 11.56 Ambient Electronic Slow, 1:38:47 0:05:31
  Jules: Fanes d'Automne     ambient    
  Marsen Jules        
  Taken from the album Herbstlaub        
  TOWERBLOCK B0007DAYRE          
  Close       1:44:18