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Volume 7 (2019) Special Edition: Queer Sounds and Spaces

Edited by Anna-Elena Pääkkölä (University of Turku), John Richardson (University of Turku) and Freya Jarman (University of Liverpool)

This edition of Radical Musicology, Volume 7, is a special edition commissioned by three guest editors, each a significant contributor to recent debates on music and queer theory. Each of the contributors to this edition attempts in different ways to address previously little explored boundary issues relating to queer sounds and spaces, whilst also reconsidering some of the conceptual and methodological tenets of the field. Hailing from Nordic and anglophone research communities, our contributing authors nevertheless tackle questions that fan out across a wide range of places, phenomena, topics, and disciplines.



  Anna-Elena Pääkkölä, John Richardson, Freya Jarman (editors)




Paul Attinello
  Negotiating with the Archetype: Essentialism versus Heteronormativity
  Ian Biddle
Jack Curtis Dubowsky
  Submerged Queer Spaces: Audio Poiesis and Documentary Film
  Kari Kallioniemi
Fred Maus
  'What if music IS sex?' Suzanne Cusick and Collaboration
  Anna-Elena Pääkkölä
John Richardson
  Virtual Spaces and Gendered Meanings in the Production and Performances of Studio Killers
Susanna Välimäki
Jon Mikkel Broch Ålvik
  Touching from a Distance: Imagining Marit Larsen in Queer Spaces
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